Art Work at The Bungalow

Right now, all of the art work hanging at The Bungalow is from the Norton Simon museum. If you visit the museum, you can see all three originals.
Pictured in the front room is a painting by Eugene Boudin, called Low Tide. The big dramatic sky and sea blues have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and spirit.
In the kitchen hangs a Paul Cezanne called Tulips in a Vase. The bright colors, bold strokes and flat shapes makes this 19th century piece look modern.
The bedroom is home to a large and ever popular, Diego Rivera, The Flower Vendor.
The Norton Simon has a varied and amazing collection – another gem in our city.

Tulips in a Vase, Paul Cezanne
Tulips in a Vase,
Paul Cezanne
Flower Vendor, Diego Rivera
Flower Vendor, Diego Rivera
Low Tide, Eugene Boudin