Tiles are pretty!


This tile indicates the Bungalow.   It’s number four in a bungalow court. You can’t miss it!


Another 5-Stars

Just received this 5-star review.  When guests are happy, I’m very happy! Thank you! The review is copied below. 😊
😊 “The property is in a safe area! A little street with a few bungalows. Some nicer than others. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The inside of the house is great! Small but adorable – perfect for two adults! The loft can accommodate children but the ladder is needed! Bonnie has done a great job, super clean and so much better than a hotel! She is extremely helpful and always available for any question you have! Would not hesitate at all and parking was not a problem although it was on the street parking!”


Fun Fact

Pasadena is home to hundreds of wild parrots. You will often hear or see a pandemonium of parrots flying overhead or eating fruit in a large neighborhood tree. A pet shop caught on fire in the 1960’s and the birds were either set free or escaped. Either way they have been thriving and if you pay attention you’ll see them while visiting the area.