Top-Ten Day-Trips from The Bungalow

#1. The Griffith Park Observatory


Here is a series I am calling The Top-10 Day Trips from The Bungalow.  I’ll post one from the Top-10 each time.

For today, the fact that we are now receiving amazing photos back from Pluto, and it was the Griffith observatory where my husband and I went on our first date, I have chosen The Griffith Park Observatory as the first in the Top-Ten Day-Trips from The Bungalow.  Not only do you have stunning views from the iconic Hollywood Sign to Catalina Island, the museum has wonderful and accessible exhibits about  astronomy and several great planetarium shows throughout the day. Tickets for the museum and shows can be bought at the door. The Griffith Observatory is 15 miles from Pasadena and takes about 30 minutes driving.

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